time series database iconSimple time series storage & retrieval

Flexible, powerful API

Our REST API makes it easy for you to store, retrieve, and query your time series data. You can also access features like range rollups, bulk data upload, and atomic increment, and we provide API clients in multiple languages.

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No compromise storage

Now you can store as much high resolution (1 ms max) time series data as you need for long range historical analysis. Our data store scales automatically and we never downsample or archive your data, so no detail is lost.

Data security

Your time series data is secure with us. We guarantee data availability and protect against loss by replicating each live datapoint 3x and using geographically distributed backup environments. And of course we use SSL encryption for all data transfers.

time series analysisiconFast time series analysis & visualization

Constant query speed

Our service guarantees constant query times (a big win vs. general-purpose databases). That means that a query's speed is only determined by the size of the query itself, not the total size of your dataset. This enables you to store far more data than before while consistently predicting the performance of your system.

Range rollups & summaries

We make time series analysis simple by providing arbitrary range rollups (15m, 1h, 7d, etc.) that deliver the right level of detail across any time period and summaries that generate statistical answers (mean, max, std dev, etc.) automatically.

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Series metadata tags & attributes

Metadata tags and attributes make it easy for you to add context and build relationships within your time series data, enabling powerful data filtering, querying, and analysis.

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Visualization interface

Our built-in plotting interface enables you to quickly visualize your time series data across any range, resolution, or rollup function and provides a simple way to manage your series metadata.