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TempoDB is the first database service for time series data (ex: measuring thermostat temperatures, network latencies, heart rates). Time series is a unique Big Data problem that breaks traditional databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc). Today, businesses spend months and millions attempting to build solutions to manage all this data and yet still fail to store as much as they need or analyze it effectively. TempoDB is a purpose-built database service that enables businesses to store and analyze massive streams of time series data, so they can learn from the past, understand the present, and predict the future.

We are passionate about making sense of the measured world. With 50 billion connected devices coming online in the next ten years, we need a new generation of infrastructure to enable the Internet of Things. These devices measure every aspect of our environment, our infrastructure, and ourselves, generating exponentially more time series data for us to learn from. We are building the database service that will empower that understanding.

We previously worked in the energy, aerospace, and automotive industries, where we struggled to store and analyze massive amounts of time series data. We tried and failed to build tools using the currently-available database technologies. Realizing that companies across Energy, Networks, Infrastructure, and Healthcare were also drowning in time series data, we designed a purpose-built technology infrastructure that would finally solve this problem.

We applied to the TechStars Cloud accelerator program to gain the resources necessary to build our business and were accepted into the inaugural class. After TechStars, we returned to Chicago, joined the Catapult co-working space, and added Patrick to our team.



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